Wild West Grilling Spice

If you took real south Texas bbq spice and crossed it with Louisiana blackening spices the result would be what we have used on our grill at the ORT for years.  The Grilling spice is mixed here at the restaurant in small batches by hand from the same recipe we developed after years of tinkering. 


Wild West Rib Rub

Over 27 years ago our family opened a bbq restaurant in Tomball, Texas. The single most important thing on the menu at the Original Rib Tickler was and is you guessed it- Ribs!!!  OK ya'll,  Rib Rub is a BBQ term used in Texas for a spice blend "rubbed" into the meat and then, if you know what you're doing, you let that spice sit for a while and permeate into the Rib so it takes on the flavors.


Original Rib Tickler Classic Navy Hat

It's a must have item for the real Texas BBQ fanatic! The classic navy twill baseball cap with the ORT logo with snapback. You appreciate quality, style and tradition! 

Original Rib Tickler Classic Navy T-shirt

You appreciate quality, style and tradition!  The ORT t-shirt gives you 100% cotton greatness and eye-catching fashion.  Available in Men and Ladies' S, M, L, XL sizes.

Original Rib Tickler R-Tic Cup

Our "NEW" Rib Tickler Yeti Cups!!! 

Original Rib Tickler Grilling Tray

Go with the classic ORT Grilling tray as you BBQ at home just like a pro!  Easy to clean, the ORT tray is an essential for your BBQs and outdoor gatherings.

The Rib Tickler Cutting Board - 7x13

Practical and decorative, the Rib Tickler Cutting Board is the perfect addition to any kitchen.  These environmentally-sustainable Maple cutting boards have been carefully selected for quality and purchased from local mills.  Because wood is a natural product, color and grain may vary on each cutting board.